Lameness Exams

Here at Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, we are proud to offer animal lameness examinations.

If your animal is lame for any reason, our entire team is dedicated to finding out the reason and helping your animal get back to normal.

Diagnostic blocks are used to find out exactly where the problem is. We block the nerves and joints before checking for lameness. This allows us to figure out what is really bothering your animal.

Once we have a localized area, we usually recommend imaging. X-rays will give us a look at the inner workings of your animal’s leg. We may also recommend an ultrasound to give us a really detailed look at the leg.

Once we are able to figure out what is bothering your animal, we will do everything we can to help him or her get better.

If your animal is lame and needs an examination, don’t hesitate to contact us today.